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Deleted Scene 5

Two things I love about this:

a) that Loki has absolutely no doubt that even handcuffed he can get that dagger through the guard’s back at twenty yards, and

b) the totally whiny ten-year-old “But I WANT to! You suck!” expression when Thor says he’s not allowed to kill anyone.

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"Sexuality was a very powerful tool then. I keep my character’s homosexuality secret because you are so open to blackmail. It necessitates a certain amount of secretiveness, which goes hand in hand with spying. We talked about the idea that Guillam would have been a frozen child at one of the military public schools and there would be a distance between him and his parents, partly because of the work he was involved in. Guillam is in love with a man who’s older than him, and Smiley is another sort of father figure." x

Benedict Cumberbatch in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

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Dylan Marron & Cecil Baldwin being cuties at the WTNV panel at SDCC.

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You might think that this gifset is pointless but it features Lee Pace’s profile view and should therefore be considered a blessing on your dashboard

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SALLY DONOVAN, KID DETECTIVE! Sally, thirteen years old, five foot, quick as a cat and smart as a whip, is the best and most successful kid detective in her distract of London. She solves mysteries while acing Year Eight and putting up with her pest of a neighbor, Sherlock Holmes. But she’ll admit it - he’s almost as clever as she is.

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.@dylanmarron gets into the zone during @nightvaleradio. #latergram #nightvale

I still can’t figure out what was on Dylan’s bow tie…


.@dylanmarron gets into the zone during @nightvaleradio. #latergram #nightvale

I still can’t figure out what was on Dylan’s bow tie…




Howard Stark Appreciation Post.

Okay, so apparently I have a lot of Howard Stark feelings which I didn’t really realise until I saw this post.

Howard gets a lot of hatred from MCU fans because of the way he treated Tony when Tony was a kid. And, you know, I get it. I really do.

But what I find interesting is how Howard went from being the pretty decent guy we see in Captain America to the shitty dad we hear Tony describe in Iron Man 2.

I was talking about this recently with caedesdeo while we were watching Captain America and we had some thoughts.

First thing to consider is that Howard likely had Tony when he was older. Let’s say he was in his 20s during Captain America. In Iron Man 2 we see Howard giving his World of Tomorrow talk for the 1974 expo where we see a young Tony interrupting. Howard would be in his 50s by then and Tony, judging by how he looks was probably born some time in the 1960s when Howard would have been in his 40s. 

Couple that with the fact that in Iron Man Tony explains to Christine that his father worked on the Manhattan Project that means that by the end of the war not only had Howard lost Steve but he’d also Seen Some Shit. I don’t consider Steve and Howard to have been particularly close friends but look at the broken look on Howard’s face in that last gift. That is the look of a man who has witnessed the devastating destruction of a weapon he helped create coupled with the fact that the one thing he helped create that was a source of good (Steve) was lost before the war ended. 

Long story short the war fucked up Howard more than we will ever know. He still tried, though. He founded SHIELD with Peggy to try and be a source for good but he was pretty much devoted to making weapons from that point forward. 

Now, this is just my fan theory, but after what happened with Steve I wonder if Howard was worried about ruining something else that he helped create which is why he kept Tony at a distance. He can’t fuck Tony up if Tony isn’t around to be fucked up.

It’s just a shame that keeping Tony at a distance fucked him up anyway.

But, yeah, I have a lot of Howard Stark feelings. 

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Tom Hiddleston Derp Face Collection














image image



image  image  image

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Pics from Welcome to Night Vale in Denver!

(Their posters for sale got lost in the void, so I ended up having everyone sign a paper bag. Recycling!)

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