For curious Cabin Pressure fans— this is a dragonfruit!

It’s actually the fruit of a variety of cactus, and comes in white and pink varieties (the color of the flesh, not the peel). The peel easily separates from the flesh once the fruit has been cut open. For imagining the texture, think of a kiwi, with the tiny edible seeds scattered throughout. It has very little flavor on its own, but makes an interesting addition to a fruit salad!

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    If you find the variety that has dark pink insides, there’s a bit more flavor to eat bite. Absolutely delicious. :) (But...
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    I’m not sure how to judge whether or not it was ripe. It was sort of sweet, but I really meant that, compared to the...
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    Brilliant! in Chinese it’s called “fire dragon fruit”(็ซ้พๆžœ), and i think it’s exterior is kinda like a fiery dragon :p...
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